The wire harness may seem basic and rather uninspiring to most. After all, upon first glance, most of what people see is an arrangement of cables that’s used to transmit a signal or electricity. There are usually a lot of parts to the overall harness with a number of breakout and terminations at each breakout. However, the idea of the wire harness is to simply take what could be a complex jumble of cables & make it a single piece. This way, installers & repair techs can go easy in, easy out with repairs & upgrades as needed over time.
Over the course of time, the way our world works has become quite dependent on technology and the movement of digital information. As such, the development of more intricate highly-detailed wire harnesses has made them a part of just about everything around us. For example:

Auto Industry

You may not realize it, but new cars are filled to the brim with electrical components. In fact, a schematic look at modern automobiles showcases a multicolored spiderweb within the frame of each car, truck, and SUV. While you may pride yourself on knowing how to change your oil, can you properly work on a wiring system for a 2022 car?

Industrial Applications

Just about every manufacturing process using computers & computer-aided work. Right at the heart of these powerful machines is wire harnesses.

Medical Field

You might still have heartfelt images of the lovable old doctor that does house calls with his trusty black bag. But today’s medical field is fast-paced, with personnel making rapid-fire decisions about multiple patients at a moment’s notice. What’s more, the technology being used has to operate at those speeds as well. This includes tech for diagnostics & treatment, and it all has to work as flawlessly as possible.


In case you missed it, T.V. commercials for the military over the last few years have turned into hip, high-tech, very flashy send-ups of what a career in the Armed Forces can bring to your life. Much of that is because the military as become one of the most technologically advanced areas of society. Much of the weaponry on land, on sea, and in the air has become almost sci-fi tech, so wire harnesses used in their construction have to be built at a very particular spec to stand up to that punishment.


Few advances in technology have changed the course of history like that of the development of telecommunications. Not only has personal communication changed dramatically, but industries like the medical field & military communications have been forever changed. At their heart — the wire harness.


Much of the pre-production elements of wire harness manufacturing can actually be done with automation. For some, the use of automation is a bit of a ‘bad’ word as it often gets lumped in with the idea of taking away individual jobs. However, automation can actually streamline order processes quite a bit, leading manufacturers to turn out much more consistent, high-quality work over time & more importantly, on time.

Manufacturing By Hand

With one last note on automation, the importance of manufacturing wire harnesses by hand is still an important part of the process & one that is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, just about every manufacturer out there takes great pride in the skill & years of experience their workforce brings to the table. Plus, the use of both automated process & by-hand work leads to more cost-effective production.
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