Custom signal assemblies are of great consequence to a number of companies across a wide array of industries. While the term ‘custom’ may indicate a significant level narrowly-focused functionality per unit, the fact remains that each assembly operates in much the same way.
Surprising to most laypeople is the variety of industries to which custom signal assemblies are not only found but quite useful. What’s more, their presence is steadily becoming an integral part of what makes that particular environment safer. For example:


  • automotive lighting
  • warning lighting in commercial/industrial settings
  • aviation obstruction lighting
  • military lighting in air, on land, and at sea
  • medical device illumination & charging systems

    Custom vs. “Off-the-Shelf”

    Industries, in particular those that are quite specialized (e.g., aerospace, medical, military), often utilize equipment that is customized by default. Environments in these facilities can sometimes be quite noisy & make communication between team members quite difficult. Also, “off-the-shelf” components can usually do the job being asked of them. This option is used due to budgetary constraints. However, custom signal assemblies are ideal so as to get specific operating cues relayed, especially those that pertain to certain industries where levels of imminent danger are quite high.

    What The Future May Hold


Taking on a major project to improve the overall efficiency of an operation means thinking about optimization now & further down the road. This starts with weighing the pros & cons of retrofitting one’s current set-up versus a full replacement of components. Each has its own upfront costs to be considered, but knowing how each plays out in the face of industry changes is not as simple.

It’s no secret that most companies would like to be successful enough to contemplate expansion. Current signal assemblies might be operating well enough, but new technology and integration of automated systems (think IIoT, or industrial internet of things, for example) may require better operation & functionality. Some proactive preparation for these changes might be highly beneficial.


    When Change is Forced Upon Us

    It is also important to take into consideration anticipated changes in regulatory standards & legislation. In the last few weeks, there has been a transfer of power in local, state, and/or federal administrations across the United States. Much of the rhetoric that has emerged since has centered on vows of throwing that new weight of power around, even if irresponsibly. Pushes for more green initiatives, normal turnover of personnel, continual assessment of effectiveness, and even injuries on the job all make for periods in which industries must consider what changes they may need to make sooner rather than later.


    The Right Team Backing You Up

But custom signal assemblies are nothing without the right manufacturer and supplier behind them. This is where LoDan Electronics, Inc. comes into the picture. We’ve been an interconnect solution mainstay for nearly six decades for a reason — quality. Scores of clients across a number of industries trust us to keep their operations on the cutting edge. More importantly, they trust us to keep their clients and employees safe. That’s a responsibility we here at LoDan take to heart.
    Touch base with one of team members to learn more about our custom signal assemblies, as well as our other products and capabilities today.