5 Tips That Will Help You Get The Best Electro-Mechanical Assembly Quote

When you are entering the world of custom cable assembly, and you are specifically interested in electro-mechanical assemblies, it is important that you understand what is involved in pricing a quote, in order to maximize the benefits of a custom assembly and minimize the cost. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do proactively, in order to ensure a fair price. Take a look at the following tips to help prepare you before you place your next order:

1. Explain the industry in specific terms.

When speaking with a representative for the first time, be certain you understand and also convey to your rep the industry in which you operate. The function of the part specifically requiring electro-mechanical assemblies is important. Knowing what kind of productions you are involved in can help the company manufacturer visualize the setting. This allows a more accurate quote.

2. Know the environment.

This is particularly important, as different environments require different modifications to your custom assembly. Specifically, note whether the wires will be exposed to any type of weather element, including excessive moisture, intense sunlight, extreme heat or even salt water. Repetitive vibrations are also important to note. These are all factors that can damage or corrode wires more quickly. These elements need to be guarded against, and a customized approach should compensate for and adapt to these disruptions.

3. Have photos and blueprints available.

The more you can help your representative visualize the environment and location of the wire installation, the more accurate your quote will be. Find what you can to help. Provide pictures and blueprints to the company, even if you are requiring simple at-home electro-mechanical assemblies.

4. Identify criteria that will allow you to be satisfied with an increase in price.

This is a bit tricky, but you shouldn’t always, necessarily, settle for the cheapest or lowest price. Sometimes a low quote is a positive thing, but sometimes it can signal a drop in quality. Think about the experience and the certifications a company carries. These things may indicate a raise in price, but they also signify better quality. A wire that is manufactured well generally has greater longevity and will decrease your costs in the long-run.

5. Specify any requests for customization.

Finally, this is a catch-all. You should always understand the environment in which you will place any electro-mechanical assemblies. If you need wires to route in a specific manner, then detail this as accurately as possible. Different protective shields are also important to note for a quote. In short, give as much guidance in the process of obtaining a quote, so that you will ensure yourself an accurate and fair quote.

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