5 Smart Tips for Selecting Oil and Gas Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies are quite vital to the maintenance of oil and gas machinery, applications and equipment. In fact, cables comprise a very large portion of an oil and gas rig. When operating an oil and gas venture, it is especially important to search and choose the most appropriate assemblies for optimal maintenance. Special considerations must be made for environmental factors. Take a look at the following five tips to help you choose your next oil and gas cable assembly:

1. Pay close attention to the jackets.

Industrial cable jackets are insulators that protect the wires within a cable. Just like the clothing item, cable jackets are the final component for a cable: They comprise the outer layer. For the oil and gas industry, it is important to consider the environment in which the cable will be placed. Some oilrigs will experience harsher surroundings than other. Consider the temperature at which the cable will be exposed as well as UV radiation, vibrations and shocks, and the salinity level for those rigs at sea.

2. Quantify future exposure to oil.

Many who operate in the oil and gas field know that not all cable assemblies will be exposed to the same amount of oil. This greatly depends on where the cable is placed, how often the cable will come into contact with oil, and where the oilrig is located. A cable that will be exposed to oil should be resistant to the damaging effects of oil on wires. This is important because not all cable assemblies are manufactured with the same goals in mind. Finding one that is specifically resistant to oil can save your company time and money.

3. Find a supplier with proper certification.

Most people ignore a company’s certifications. However, for a cable manufacturer, it is wise for an oil and gas company to pay specific attention to the qualifications of that manufacturer. Certifications indicate professionalism and efficiency. They also instill confidence in the product: a broken or poorly manufactured cable can cost the oil industry valuable resources, including both time and money.

4. Consider whether the assembly will work well with other applications.

The oil and gas industry is a unique field and requires a specific set of skills and knowledge not recognized in other industries. It is important to find a cable manufacturer that can assemble a custom cable that will perform as a stand-alone wire, but also as a cable that interacts appropriately with other applications.

5. Request a representative knowledgeable in the oil and gas industry.

Because you need proficient assemblies that will be able to perform in harsh environments and with other applications specific to the oil and gas industry, you should find a representative from a competent and efficient manufacturer that has knowledge specific to your industry. Never hesitate to ask questions or request proof that the manufacturer has knowledge of your field. The cable assembly will perform at a higher level.

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