If you’ve been working in an industry long enough, there’s a good chance you’ll have seen changes to the way things work, especially with regards to the technology used. Custom cable manufacturing has certainly seen its fair share of change, but getting folks onboard with these changes hasn’t been easy. Companies like sticking to what’s comfortable and familiar. However, this dedication to “old-school” tech in cable manufacturing can keep industries from being able to make adjustments to a new age, and it can also become financially burdensome in the long-term.
We live in an age where everyone wants things to move quicker and be more responsive than ever before. Custom cable manufacturing has had to navigate this evolution more than most industries simply because cable manufacturing is at the heart of operations for most things you see. Revolutionary advances in technology from the automotive world to aerospace/military & telecom realms have increased the need for all components involved in builds to handle the turbo-charged environment. Cables represent an often overlooked & simple piece of the puzzle, but the quality of these cables means everything.
But again, if you’ve been in an industry for an extended period of time, none of this may be a surprise. You may think that you’ve got a handle on most things when it comes to custom cable manufacturing, but there’s always something to learn.
Consider the following:
Connector & Cable Junction Security and Protection — Prominent arguments about the most important part of cable manufacturing tend to note connector & cable junction protection as being crucial to the entire project. These are sensitive points, and getting the right choice of protection means taking into consideration environment & function.
EMI Protection & Signal Integrity — Cabling and signal integrity are intertwined, and being able to keep a signal as ‘clean’ as possible via shielding and/or braiding is vital for performance. There is no room for error when it comes to applications in the military & medical field, so the right call needs to be made from the start.
Choice of Connector — As you outline your specs for a custom project, you need to pick the right connectors for your needs. Having options is ideal because it means you can choose exactly what fits best.
Types of Cable — Variations between industries will usually dictate the type of cable used in an application. It’ll also be important to think about environmental factors, presence of particular hazards, as well as system requirements & limitations.
The biggest secret about custom cable manufacturing companies need to be made aware of has to do with finding the right manufacturer with whom to work. Not only will this entity have all of the right licenses & certifications your industry needs, but they’ll also be stewards of information. The ideal manufacturer will also be crucial in helping your industry look to the future & have any custom-made materials, like cable assemblies, ready to do the job you need now, as well as be a platform for changes down the line.
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