5 Reasons to Consider Going With a Wire Harness Assembly

The textbook definition of a wire harness states that it is a systematically-designed, integrated arrangement of cables and wires, housed within an insulating material. And whether you are aware of it or not, they exist all around you.

From under the hood of your car, to the servers that power the Internet, to the telephone networks that allow you to call home. Take a look inside any electronic product and you are guaranteed to find it cramped with wires in a myriad of colors, sizes, and unique functions. Here are five reasosn you should consider a wire harness assembly in your next project.

1. Optimized Installation

One of the biggest benefits of working with wire harnesses is the dramatic increase in both the ease and speed of installation. This is easy to understand, since the alternative to a wire harness would simply be loose cables and wires. Instead, these are bundled together in a protective insulating sheath for maximum optimization of space and protection from shorts.

Additionally, rather than each individual wire requiring its own connector, all or most wires can be bundled into one or a series of shared connectors, making the installation process rapid, and incredibly simple.

2. Training Made Easy

Since the construction of the harness standardizes installation, it guarantees that your production line will not need to spend a ton of time being trained on how to install these harnesses. In fact, training will typically take less than a few minutes. Every order will include a technicians schematic so that they will have a reference for how to install the harness.

3. Customization Options Near Endless

Yet another reason to go with a wire harness assembly is that you will have the opportunity to customize nearly every aspect of the product you receive. Your account manager will help you select the right options and design the perfect solution to meet your needs. From custom colors and labeling for rapid identification and installation, to specialty materials for greater transmission speeds and integrity, or rugged outdoor use. You are truly only limited by your imagination.

4. Greater Security and Safety

Another benefit is that when cables are secured into an arrangement and insulated properly, it protects them from shock, abrasion, and vibrations, as well as heat. A non-flexible bundle greatly reduces the chance of a short or electrical fire, and also prevents against damage due to moisture. In short, wire harnesses make your products safer and help them better comply with regulatory standards.

5. Dedicated Account Service

Finally, you will be provided with a dedicated account manager who will not only help you design the perfect project, but will make sure that the product you receive has been quality-inspected and is top notch. Additionally, this single point of contact can make it easier to make adjustments to orders as demand ebbs and flows.

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