The lowly & somewhat tangled life of the wire harness is one that doesn’t really cause much of a stir. While we go about our day with nary a care, a wide swath of our world hums along with the aid of technology, the likes of which depends on quality wire harnesses to keep things working.
Wire harnesses are actually quite important in the modernization of our world. They are integral to maintaining & conducting electrical signals, as well as relaying important information from one source to another. For individuals who work in industries that depend on signal integrity & organized electrical systems, finding the right wire harness manufacturer is more than just about making life easier — it’s about ensuring the mechanical well-being of a given project.
Needless to say, the right manufacturing partner means everything. Making this connection, however, is not as simple as could be imagined. Nonetheless, it all starts with asking prospective manufacturers the right questions. Some of these include:

What industries do you serve?

Yes, you’re looking for a manufacturer to provide materials for your industry. However, being able to serve multiple industries means that a manufacturer has a vast knowledge of operating systems. Moreover, it means that they must maintain industry standards from an array of governing entities to be considered a reliable partner. All of this to say that a manufacturer that can do it all brings a lot to the proverbial table.

Can you give me a rundown of your experience?

Aside from serving multiple industries & maintaining respective standards of excellence, it’s important to ask how long a manufacturer has been in business. The years have brought along massive changes in technology & protocols. Having been able to weather these changes & remain a big player in the wire harness game says quite a bit.

How do you handle rush jobs?

Having ‘all the time in the world’ to design, manufacture, and deliver materials is something just about every wire harness manufacturer can handle. The real test comes when a last-minute rush job comes along. Not only do you want to know what procedures are in place for situations like this — you also want to know if a manufacturer CAN deliver, period.

Could you fill me in on testing & quality control processes?

Project managers are assuming that when they receive materials, all manner of testing & QC has taken place to ensure that all things work as needed. Wire harnesses are no exception, and for many, require a significant amount of testing prior to deliver. Testing includes everything from functionality to durability.
Though the number of questions regarding wire harness manufacturing can be fairly exhaustive, a final question worth asking is a doozy — how can I reach you? No matter the project, there will inevitably be an issue that arises with materials. When you & your crew are up against a deadline, do you have confidence that you can successfully contact your chosen wire harness manufacturer & get a solution in place? The best manufacturers understand what it means to be there for their customers, and this most certainly includes when things don’t go as planned.
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