5 Facts to Know About Custom Cable Assemblies and Harsh Environments

Nearly every type of industry requires the use of custom cable assemblies. Most of these industries operate in unusual circumstances, surrounded by harsh environmental factors. In order to survive in these particular settings, companies must hire manufacturers who will create customized cables that can withstand less-forgiving elements. For reasons of safety and economics, it is important to find a good business that understands the manner in which various environments impact cable assemblies. Take a look at the following to learn more:

1. The military utilizes protective cabling in desert-like conditions.

Many people are surprised to find that the military is a consumer industry that requires the use of specialized cables. With troops deploying overseas to desert-like climates, the military must set up operations in less than ideal circumstances. When fashioning cable assemblies, users must take into consideration the dryness of the climate. Exposure to dust can wear on wires and cause deterioration more quickly than a more humid location. These wires require a heartier jacket that can insulate them from dust.

2. Saltwater requires customized assemblies.

Companies that operate near a large body of water, particularly an ocean, must consider the effect that water moisture and sea salt have on custom cable assemblies. It is imperative to customize all wires so that they are less likely to experience damage from humidity and salt-permeated air. Insulators and protective jackets can be treated with chemicals to prevent rusting.

3. Industries that experience vibrations need shock-protection.

Vibrations from different sources are often an overlooked, but powerful, hazard for cables. Some manufacturers can create shock resistant gear to protect wires. Flexibility within the cable structure is important as well, as rigidity in custom cable assemblies can cause cracks and damage.

4. Personal users can encounter harsh environments.

When you think about harsh work environments, you often think “big industry.” While it is true that larger industries must be particularly careful when it comes to protecting cable equipment, small households must also consider the environment in which a cable may be placed. Connectors for A/C units outside can encounter the outdoor elements. Cable structures within the home may surprisingly come into contact with extended exposure to sunlight from windows. Personal use of cable assemblies must also be evaluated for optimal use.

5. The oil and gas industry must consider the environment when purchasing cables.

The oil and gas industry encounters significant harsh conditions in a multitude of different settings. This includes oilrigs in large bodies of water, like oceans, desert operations, as well as heavily wooded areas. Each of these presents its own unique problems when installing equipment. Saltwater, harsh sunlight, heavy rain, excessive dust and shocks and vibrations are all situations in which cables can be harmed. A broken cable can cost millions in lost revenue, so it is important for these companies to seek reliable manufacturers.

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