5 Factors That Affect Custom Cable Pricing and Production

There is no doubt that the world of custom cable manufacturing and production can be a confusing one, especially if you are trying to decide whether to outsource the production of your cables. When approaching a company for a quote as to the manufacturing and production of specially requested cables, consider the different factors that may affect the price and production rate:

Type of Cable

There are so many different types of cable assemblies, especially when considering a company’s ability to custom design or manufacture a specific type of cable. Generally, there are a few that are most commonly utilized. If you are requesting a very common cable, such as a Coax RF cable assembly, then you may also expect the price to be slightly lower than that of a more specialized cable. The design is what lends the cable its unique features and can affect pricing and production. Cables can require rigidity or flexibility and can be shielded, insulated, or easily manipulated. Different materials will be used based on the requirements of the cable and can affect the pricing and production rates.

Time Required for Assembly

Generally, the assembly of a cable requires several weeks for completion. Oftentimes there will be special circumstances that require an expedited assembly process. This is understandable and can be accommodated. When determining your needs for a custom cable, consider the time requirements placed on the company when assessing a price for the production.

Your Contribution to the Assembly

Maintaining a business in a specific industry can be quite demanding in today’s technologically advanced world. Almost all companies require the use of cable systems, as they transmit power and signals between equipment. Some companies specialize in creating parts of a cable system, while others find it easier and more efficient to completely outsource custom cable manufacturing. Consider how much of the process you desire to outsource, and keep in mind that supplying parts of the system yourself will not always be more cost-effective, as a custom cable provider will often have a system in place to utilize in the production phase.

Function of the Cable System

Custom cable manufacturing essentially supports every aspect of the technological world today. Almost every company, business, or household requires some type of cable to operate. Recognizing the different functions of various cables can help you predict the pricing of the cable assembly you require. Among the various functions of cables are, of course, sensor assemblies that react to temperatures; engine harnesses that support electromechanical components; and insulating cables to withstand different environments. Consider the functional needs of your cable when contemplating the requirements for pricing and production.

The Environment of the Cable

The field for which the custom cable assembly will be manufactured will affect pricing, depending on how “extreme” the environment will be. Some cable assemblies will need to be built in a manner in which to withstand certain temperatures, pressures, or movements. The less harsh the environmental conditions, the less complex the manufacturing process will remain. With more conditions to consider, there were will be more time involved in the construction as well as testing of the materials, to ensure the final product will be able to perform in the environment in which it is placed.

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