Though industries like aviation, aeronautics, automotive, and consumer electronics are vastly different in certain areas, there are some similarities when it comes to their basic components, specifically lead wire assemblies.
At first glance, a lead wire assembly just connects two electrical components to each other. However, their primary purpose is to aid in the transfer of power between components. They can also be called upon to help in the transmitting of information within a machine or other electromechanical device.
Common connections that use lead wire assemblies includes, but certainly are not limited to:

  • medical devices
  • computers & printers
  • home appliances
  • motors & generators
  • control panels
    But there is more that goes into understanding what a lead wire assembly does other than what it is used for. Here is a quick guide to help in the search process:
    Proper Certification — Finding a manufacturer that can produce the lead wire assemblies one needs start with narrowing down the focus onto manufacturers that can actually meet industry standards. This means having the right credentials to meet multiple standards across industries & possibly needing the credentials provide overseas support.
    Define ALL Specs — Though it’s common sense, having all specs in place when ordering lead wire assemblies is crucial for them to be made correctly. What’s more, having all of the right specs before, during, and even after production is vital as there may be opportunities to make changes during design & prototyping phases.
    The Basics — In line with the idea of having all specs available from the start, it’s also important to truly understand the application for which the lead wire assemblies are intended. This bit of information is crucial as it allows a prospective manufacturer’s design & engineering department the chance to find the specific build for one’s needs. Consider for a moment that number of connector types that could play a role in the final design:

  • trunk cable connectors
  • socket connectors
  • DIN connectors
  • D-Sub connectors
  • spade & ring connectors
    On top of what one needs in terms of specs, the other major component to ordering lead wire assemblies is knowing the ins & outs of the operating budget. Every company knows that getting the most out of a budget is necessary on all fronts. However, this doesn’t mean that there will be a need to settle in terms of quality.
    The right manufacturing partner will allow companies to order a lead wire assembly while providing valuable feedback throughout the process. This can come in the form of choosing more budget-friendly (though not lesser quality) materials for the build. It can also mean working on a better design based on the application & the immediate environment in which the lead wire assembly is found. 
    Don’t settle for less when it comes to your lead wire assembly needs. LoDan Electronics, Inc. of Illinois has been a trusted interconnect solutions partner for nearly six decades. Our knowledge & expertise across industries is unmatched & we strive to make sure your needs are fully met. Contact us today & talk to one of our team members and see what makes us different.