If you are in the market for custom cable assemblies, there are a number of options available. When shopping for cable assemblies, keep in mind the maximum load each can handle, the materials they are made of, the environment in which they will be used, and the stress loads that will be placed on them. Sometimes a combination, or custom option, is necessary for specific situations. In that case, the manufacturer can work with you to provide the solution you need.


1. Coax RF Cable Assemblies

Coax cable, also sometimes referred to as coaxial cable, is the most commonly used type of cable in custom cable assemblies. Coax basically features three layers within the jacket. The innermost is a solid core inner conductor. The second layer is a tubular insulator, which means it does not conduct. The outermost layer is a woven, tubular conducting layer. Coax cable is excellent for low frequency signals, and is often chosen for radio frequency applications. It is used in almost every type of electronic equipment and can transmit video, audio, and data signals.


2. Heliax Cable Assemblies

Heliax is a brand and type of specialty coax cable. It is semi-flexible and has a corrugated outer conductor made of copper. The inner conductor is separated by a tube with a insulator wound in a spiral, or helix (hence the name). The inner insulator can be manipulated with air to control the transmission. In some cases, the insulator is made of expanded foam, which negates the ability to control. Heliax is known for superior performance, but has working limitations in custom cable assemblies, due to its rigidity.


3. Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Flat cables, or flat ribbon cables, are used to transmit both power and data. They are typically used for internal connections within a device or equipment. Flat ribbon cables have a lighter, thinner, and less rigid construction that makes them easier to manipulate than other types of cable. Their construction makes them helpful for tight spaces. A number of types of flat ribbon cables are manufactured for various transmission requirements and connection needs.


4. Multi-Conductor Cable Assemblies

Multi-Conductor custom cable assemblies are used for communications, such as remote control circuits, sound systems, robotics, transmission of data, and other types of control equipment. They are widely used in a number of industries. Multi-conductor cable features multiple stranded wires covered in color-coded insulation and bundled within an outer jacket. They provide a high quality transmission of data and power. Multi-conductor cables come in shielded, unshielded, and hybrid varieties.


5. Nycoil Mast Cable Assemblies

Nycoil Mast is a brand of conduit that houses cable intended to transmit signals for audio, video, and data. It features a specially coiled hose for the electrical wiring that wraps around a telescoping mast. Nycoil mast is used in communications, such as portable broadcast applications; surveillance; and gathering and testing scientific information. When the mast retracts, the cable coils and condenses, and then extends again smoothly when the mast is extended. Although Nycoil Mast is for specialty use cable assemblies, there are a number of applications across a number of industries.


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