What you may not know about cable assemblies is that many industries demand a lot out of them, not just in performance output, but physically as well. So many fields require electronics that can withstand extreme temperatures, extreme pressure and movement, and even stand up to things that are hazardous to other electronics, such as dust and water. This is one of many reasons that companies will have custom cable assemblies made to better meet their needs. Not only will the cable assemblies be made with the toughest materials, they will also be tested thoroughly to make sure that they are up to the task.


In The Military

A lot of technological advances come from military innovations and problem solving. For example, coaxial cable was created when the electro-magnetic fields being emitted from power cables were causing problems with communications cables, causing mechanical problems with our military planes. Now, coaxial cables are essential to many industries. As you can imagine, communications are crucial in a field like the military, especially when it comes to the machinery involved with controlling large, dangerous weapons, or making sure troops stay connected and well-informed no matter what conditions they are in. The solution in many military scenarios may be armored assemblies, essential a “super” version of standard cable assemblies, tested to withstand water, high levels of humidity, crushing force and other abrasive elements like high or freezing temperatures. They are used everywhere from scientific research facilities in Antarctica, to the heat of Afghanistan or the Amazon jungle.


Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry requires as much and more of what the military requires from their cable assemblies. The cables must be sturdy to provide accurate measurements, or the oil companies will risk losing large sums of money. They must withstand harsh environments; dirt and dust getting into the works, and vibrations from the machinery with would have harmful effects to most electronics.


Marine and Aviation

The marine and aviation industries are also very demanding of their wiring and electronics. Both put cable assemblies through rigorous amounts of stress, from extreme pressure under water, or from G-forces in airplanes, as well as vibrations that would knock wires askew in normal assemblies, and more water than you’d ever want to have around normal electronics. Custom cable assemblies are made to meet every challenge that these industries demand. There are special materials that you can request the cable to be custom made with, such as a jacket that goes around the wiring which have achieved NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) resistant ratings, that qualify them resistant to extreme temperatures, low smoke environments and even fire.



The testing process to ensure that custom cable assemblies are ready for action is a thorough one. Technological advances in cabling have made wires and cables extremely capable of standing up to the rigors of these industries, but there would be no way to know for sure before purchasing if not for the testing standards. LoDan is committed to producing on the best, most reliable custom cable assemblies, and offers a wide range of available tests for your assurance.