For those put in charge of purchasing materials for projects, finding the right materials can sometimes be a bit difficult, especially if it happens to be materials that are notorious for being confusing. Cable assemblies, while not the most complex item one might find in a facility, have been known to cause major headaches for purchasers over the years. Reasons for this may vary, but it really all comes down to one major issue that has plagued manufacturing for years — the words ‘cable assemblies’ are often used interchangeably with ‘wire harnesses’.
Silly as this may be, the confusion that these words have caused over the years has led to wasted time, prototyping, and tooling iterations. The bigger issue is that these wastes all mean a significant amount of wasted money, a major problem for many budgets already being pushed to limits. As such, the first thing purchasers need to know is whether they need to order a cable assembly or a wire harness.
In a nutshell, a wire harness is a low-cost way to keeping cables & wires organized. They aren’t particularly good at handling extreme environments, so they do best for indoor uses. Cable assemblies are much more resilient in handling extreme environments based on their heavier-duty construction. They also serve as an organizational tool & transfer data.
But knowing the difference between wire harnesses & cable assemblies is only the first step. Other things that a purchaser needs to know but aren’t limited to include:
More Than A Few Options — There are a dizzying array of cable assemblies available on the market. Depending on the source, the number of options can tip the scale with over five figures worth of options based around various applications.
Off-The-Shelf — Some purchasers might want to go straight for the custom route. However, opting to look at off-the-shelf options may be an ideal way to save time & money. Much of what a manufacturer may have with the off-the-shelf items may actually fit the bit of what a company needs with only a small tweak.
Understanding One’s Budget — It could be argued that budget constraints should be at the top of any purchaser’s list. Knowing how best to navigate one’s budget when purchasing cable assemblies will be crucial in purchasing components that deliver high-quality function at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.
Changes In An Industry — All areas of an industry need to be aware of regulatory changes that take place within an industry, including purchasers. These changes may occur due to a series of incidents that need to be addressed. Other times, it can be a legislative shift based on a recent election. In either case, purchasers need to stay abreast to all changes so that they can work with a manufacturer who can deliver goods that meet the necessary criteria for these changes.
Finally, before purchasing cable assemblies, it is important to consider changes in one’s operation. Anticipation of changes in technology, updates to infrastructure, expansion, and even rumblings of changes on the horizon for industry standards are all reasons to make sure that cable assembly purchases now can handle what may be coming up later. That way, another expense doesn’t have to be made.
But anticipating the future doesn’t come easy unless you work with the right cable assemblies manufacturer. LoDan Electronics, Inc. of Chicago has been a go-to partner since 1967, providing premier cost-effective, custom-engineered solutions for all manner of applications. See why our experience and attention to detail are second to none today.