Working in a busy industrial environment will likely put personnel face to face with a litany of electronics, each serving a particular purpose. Of these electronic components, custom signal assemblies tend to blend a bit into the scenery. While they are responsible for important work on a day-to-day basis, more fanfare is dedicated to equipment and machinery churning out materials. Without a tactile element to their construction, custom signal assemblies get a bit list in the mix.
But this in no way diminishes the importance of the signal assembly. In the right location, with the right construction, and the right components, signal assemblies can improve facility productivity as well as safety. While “off the shelf” materials may suffice for a given application, going the customization route may be a better solution. By ordering signal assemblies made to unique specifications, companies can help address areas of weakness in their operation that need improvement.
However, before ordering custom signal assemblies, there are a few things one must know. For example:
Current Systems — It will be important to know what current signal assemblies are in place and how they operate with respect to the equipment/machinery on the floor. This will allow the integration of customized assemblies to be much easier, saving time and not negatively impacting productivity. 

Project Timeline — A key piece of information to every company looking for custom signal assemblies is a detailed breakdown of their project timeline from start to finish. Due to the nature of customization, manufacturers may run into snags with supply chains or other issues where delivering a finished product on time may not be possible. 

Compliance Requirements — Not all companies operate in the same industry. As such, the same levels of compliance do not apply to all companies. This matter can get even more complicated if branches of the company exist in other areas of the world. Providing compliance information is essential right from the start as trying to retrofit a finished product or starting from scratch is an unnecessary waste of resources. 

All Physical Specs — Even though custom signal assemblies are going through a customization process, it is likely they must still operate in existing spaces and as part of existing equipment/machinery on the floor. When taking note of specifications for signal assemblies, it is important to not forget information such as thinking in three dimensions. Accounting for space all around the assembly will help ensure a final product that fits where it needs to & functions as it should.
Finally, the topic of further customization & expansion must be breached before ordering custom signal assemblies. It is important to take inventory of one’s current operation and see where things may be one/five/ten years from now. How has technology changed? Will there be a need for more custom work every time there is a major shift in technology? Is there a way to take a more proactive approach to ordering custom items such as signal assemblies?
It comes down to working with the right manufacturer, a company that has seen, and done, it all. LoDan Electronics, Inc. of Illinois is been a proud global manufacturer of highly-complex interconnect systems and electronic assemblies in the US, Mexico, and Asia. We demand the highest standards of our work and hold ourselves accountable to our customers. This is what has made us an industry leader since 1967.
Let LoDan Electronics, Inc. help your company craft the ideal custom signal assemblies for your next project. Call us today.