All industries need leadership that will regularly assess what changes/improvements that must take place in the name of progress. Case in point: custom signal assemblies. In an industrial or mechanical setting, nearly all elements of an operation have some form of signal assembly indicative of a specific function.
Perhaps most importantly, the presence is of custom signal assemblies is an integral part of what makes a working environment safer. Take into consideration aerospace, the military, and medicine (both civilian & military). Central to the bulk of their operation, as well as their safety protocols, are highly-tuned and well-designed/engineered custom signal assemblies. They include:


  • warning lighting in commercial/industrial settings
  • aviation obstruction lighting
  • military lighting in air, on land, and at sea
  • medical device illumination & charging systems
    When the time comes to finalizing an order for custom signal assemblies, there is a lot to keep in mind. Not all industries are alike, thereby making a final delivered product distinctly different (even if it is, in general, the same item). Other things to take note of includes:
    Equipment Specialization — Dealing with equipment that performs certain functions means that just about everything on the equipment is customized to some extent. Different industries rely on visual cues due, in part, to noisy environments. As such, custom signal assemblies are ideal in order to get across these specific cues. Not only are the assemblies customized, but it is likely that the cue itself is specific to the industry. Therefore, in order for the cue to operate optimally, the right kind of electronics are needed.
    Complex Cabling & Wiring — Cable assemblies and wire harnesses of all kinds are not just a random jumble. Each component does something. The type of power being tapped, the number, and type, of lights being used, and whether or not the lighting structure needs to be mobile or adjustable in some way all matter.
    Taking on a major project to improve the overall efficiency of an operation means thinking about optimization now & further down the road. This starts with weighing the pros & cons of retrofitting one’s current set-up versus a full replacement of components. It’s no secret that most companies would like to be successful enough to contemplate expansion. Current signal assemblies might be operating well enough, but new technology and integration of automated systems (think IIoT, or industrial internet of things, for example) may require better operation & functionality. Proactive preparation for these changes might be highly beneficial.

Consideration must also be given to changes in regulatory standards & legislation. Transfers of power at the local, state, and federal administrations across the United States can make for tough conversations about operating budgets, upgrades, overhead costs, and greater regulatory oversight. Furthermore, louder calls for more green initiatives, personnel changes and continued training, as well as general industry changes can make knowing how best to design the right custom signal assembly tougher than ever before.

Of course, custom signal assemblies are nothing without the right manufacturer and supplier behind them. LoDan Electronics, Inc. of Chicago has been at the forefront of custom-engineered solutions for commercial, industrial, and military applications since 1967. Our commitment to excellence and customer service is unmatched.
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