On the surface, it seems like a bit of a throwaway question — what is an electro mechanical assembly? A simple course of action would guide someone down a path of looking up a basic definition for the term. For example, electro mechanical assemblies (EMAs), per The Engineering Council out of London, are devices that “…convert electrical energy into mechanical movement”.
In short, electricity is created by way of movement. This, in turn, leads to a pre-determined function taking place. A very visually-arresting example would be robotic arms being used extensively on an assembly line in modern automotive manufacturing. Every industry in the world benefits from electro mechanical assemblies (EMAs). If something moves because of electricity, then you have the basics of an EMA.
Electro mechanical assemblies tend to revolve around high-level skills. Technicians interacting with this type of equipment do staggeringly important work, not to mention also taking up the task of working with this equipment in the field. There is also a tremendous amount of intricacy is involved in planning EMA designs & final builds. Electro mechanical assemblies are not inexpensive. It is essential that they are manufactured the right way from the very beginning. This places a significant responsibility on those who have the responsibility of ordering such materials, as well as the manufacturer.
Because notable industries that rely on electro mechanical assemblies include the military, aerospace, and medicine, optimal performance must coincide with cost-effectiveness and meeting industry standards. Part of the major balance between performance & cost comes from incredibly solid design & engineering on the part of the manufacturer. More importantly, it is imperative that the manufacturer’s team work hand-in-hand with the customer’s design & engineering team as this collaborative effort will be crucial in delivering an ideal product. Working with a manufacturer that actively keeps up with trends in manufacturing processes and strives to provide state-of-the-art service to its customers is important.
Anything that is a part of the modern, mechanized world requires attention to the latest in technological updates. While temporary solutions can prove to be of consequence, said solution will be (as was qualified) temporary. Quality electro mechanical assemblies take a number of things into account:

  • the need to understand the application now & over time
  • the need to augment the design/engineering processes to fit budget, as well as take into account prospective retrofits/upgrades

    in the future

  • industry specifications/requisites so a final product does the job it was intended to do now but does not face replacement

    anytime soon.
    An industry’s electro mechanical assembly needs mean everything to their operation. Choosing to bypass quality and consideration for top-tier results over matters such as budget, for example, will result in failure over time. In the end, the BEST electro mechanical assembly comes down to finding the right manufacturing partner. Defining what constitutes the ‘right’ partner will vary between operations. However, the best manufacturers stand out for a reason, and that is excellence. LoDan Electronics, Inc. in Illinois has been an industry leader in custom-engineered interconnect solutions like an electro mechanical assembly for nearly six decades.
    Contact our team here at LoDan Electronics, Inc. and let us show you the LoDan difference on your next electro mechanical assembly project.