What Capabilities Should Your Custom Cable Assembly Provider Offer?

Custom cable assemblies account for a massive amount of functioning industrial applications, not to mention everyday, functional household appliances and electronics. They are a vital part of every part of the modern world, and as a result, they should operate efficiently and, most importantly, safely. It is important that the companies creating these customized systems be proficient, experienced and professional. Take a look at the following capabilities you should always expect from a top-notch provider:

1. Adaptations to the environment.

The biggest reason to create custom cable assemblies is to be able to construct an application that adapts and reacts to a specific environment. Dust, vibrations, intense sunlight, high moisture are all environmental factors that can impact a wire formation. Various shields, jackets and wire harnesses can protect inner conductors. The key is to understand the hazards and adapt the assembly.

2. Knowledgeable Representative

The first step in custom cable manufacturing is for a company to assign a knowledgeable representative to a client. This person should know which questions to ask to glean the appropriate information for a custom assembly. Communication is key in creating the right wire device for a client, so a representative who is informed and experienced is important.

3. A fair and reasonable quote.

When creating custom cable assemblies, a company should be able to provide a client with a reliable quote. Be wary of quotes that are very low in price. This generally means the actual price will be much higher than anticipated, or there are short-cuts present. On the other hand, an exorbitant price is probably not fair or reasonable. The key is to find a quote that may be more than just a little, but there is quality workmanship to justify a fair price.

4. Quality training.

The certifications of a company is the best predictor and indicator of the performance of the provider. Search the acronyms on the company’s resume. Certifications like UL and CSA International generally reveal an adherence to industrial standards globally, and a proficiency in the subject-matter. This matters because a malfunctioning cable assembly can cause physical and monetary injury, which is never ideal.

5. Experience.

Finally, while it is true that every company had their start at some point, it is equally true that older companies are generally more experienced and proficient at their jobs. Experience can translate into a proficient assembly that works longer and outperforms poorer made versions. Some companies will provide previous clients to give an indication of their work-performance standard.

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