When using a blanket-term like ‘broadcast industry’, it really could encompass quite an array of individuals and entities in society. However, in most cases, the broadcast industry generally entails discussions regarding television, radio, and mobile communications. Anyone who enjoys watching their favorite show, listening to their favorite music, or likes to gab away on the phone owes a great deal to the technology that brings these modern marvels to them, but the technology would be nothing without the design & development of state-of-the-art cable assemblies.
Perhaps the biggest factor in understanding how cable assemblies factor into the broadcast industry is realizing just how diverse the industry really is. Because there is such a wide array of applications, simply taking an assembly “off the shelf” won’t be a viable solution for most. You have to consider things such as custom jacketing, connections, and length. In short, there is no “one size fits all” solution.
Even with the diversity in applications one might find when it comes to cable assemblies in the broadcast industry, there are a few much more general uses including:
Communication/Mobile/Mast ⏤ News vans are perhaps the most visible example of this. Also, people rely on the radio & TV for things like traffic reports & weather updates before they leave the house in the morning. Mobile news units, either vans or civilian vehicles retrofitted for station use, need the right cable assemblies in place to get information out.
Recording Studios ⏤ Everything under the board is usually thought of as a mess of wires & cables, but the truth of the matter is that things have become much more streamlined. The top recording studios demand organized cable assembly solutions to keep things easy to maintain & easier to work with.
Low Signal Loss/High-Speed Signal Integrity ⏤ If there is one thing that can absolutely sink a broadcast of any kind, it’s the quality of the actual “product” being put out. Not only does it annoy the viewer/consumer, you also run the risk of losing their trust.
Cable assemblies are at the heart of what makes the broadcast industry operate the way it does. Over time, the industry has had to modernize and make way for changes in technology that made it easier to get the job done. Moreover, the industry, as a whole, operates for the sake of the consumer & greater public good. As such, it becomes imperative that entities within the industry work with manufacturers who can design and build quality items so that they can continue to do the best work they can for the benefit of the public.
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