Manufacturers in the United States understand one thing when it comes to working with the military, and that is that there will be a certain amount of customization that will be necessary when producing materials for their use. Perhaps one of the more pivotal areas of customization happens to be in the manufacturing of mast cable assemblies.
To understand why military applications for mast cable assemblies are so specialized, it’s important to know that a mast cable assembly is used primarily for communication. If you’ve ever seen communication hardware on top of news vans, you’ve encountered one of these assemblies. Considering that military personnel are often working in much harsher environments than those of other end users, it’s no surprise that they need their gear to handle just about everything they may encounter.
Manufacturing mast cable assemblies goes further than simply having a floor model that you tweak for certain uses. The materials used by a manufacturer for military use have to meet military spec. This goes for everything even down to the wires and cables being used.
Here are three areas where mast cable assemblies prove to be key features in the equipment the military uses in the field:

  • Radio Communication — Radio communication still remains a tried-and-true tool for the military and has done so for decades.
  • Wireless Communication in Real Time — Communicating data as quickly as possible to those who need it most at a moment’s notice isn’t negotiable.
  • Portable Power Options — With environments being more spread out and remote, being able to provide ways to power equipment, especially technologically advanced equipment, is crucial.
    For military personnel, the difficult task is finding the right manufacturer to get the job done right every time. There is a wide array of regulations and standards that come into play when creating goods that must meet military specification. Meeting these standards is not an option, and should the product being provided not function properly or be up to par, more than just the loss of a military contract is at stake.
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