An electrical wire harness is a simple tool that can find uses in a nearly infinite amount of industries. Arguably one of the most important industries in which you can find electrical wire harnesses is the military. When you think of something being “military grade”, you come to expect that materials being used have to meet certain requirements. As such, wire harnesses are put through through the ringer because they will be facing some adverse environments. The success of mission objectives in the military is often lumped onto the operation of its machinery and computing systems, and there is no room for failure.
An electrical wire harness manufacturer that plans to work with the military needs to have skilled employees that are well-trained & well-versed in regulations & standards. A manufacturer needs to carry important credentials highlighting their ability to handle contracts with the military. Some of the certifications that are of note include IPC/WHMA/UL certificates, as well as ITAR compliance and qualification in MIL Specifications.
Here are three areas you’re likely to see an electrical wire harness in use in the military:

  • Radio Communication
  • Bulkhead Penetrations
  • Military Vehicle Electrical Systems
    It must be noted that any manufacturer working with the military must have a stellar record of delivering goods per the agreed upon lead time. Given the extended range of military presence all over the globe, it is imperative that both the manufacturer and military officials be specific as to when the final product is to be delivered and where. Communication during the manufacturing process will be key to maintaining a production date.
    Finally, it’s important to remember that while most might figure that the manufacturer in question may have the more stressful position in this equation, it is really the military that finds itself very vulnerable. There is difficulty in finding a manufacturer that can get the job done & deliver goods on time. There is also a need to connect with a manufacturer that has global capabilities to meet the needs of a military with a global presence. As noted before, failure is something that cannot be expected at any point in the process when working with the military. For both the manufacturer and the military, there is more than just a working relationship on the line.
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