Erecting any commercial structure of any kind requires a stalwart team of individuals at every part of the process, from design to the actual construction. One of the many elements of the construction process that can be overlooked is custom cable assemblies, but as the name implies, they bear paying attention to simply because their function is quite specific & highly defined. In the case of a medical office building, however, the role of a custom cable assembly is quite vital.
Medical facilities differ from just about all construction projects based purely on their functionality. Depending on the type of procedures to be done at the facility, a build-out will have to meet a rigorous standard that is vastly different from construction you may see elsewhere. Then again, that only makes sense considering it has to do with the medical field.
Building contractors face much more stringent measures even when dealing with something as simple as cable assemblies. These items do just about everything one can imagine, and if one is not careful in the planning stages of a medical office building project, it can lead to a building that is quickly outdated and that does not provide adequate care for patients.
As the design phase of a medical office building commences, it’s important to outline what procedures will be conducted inside. This way, the design team, along with the cable manufacturer, can sit down & figure out the ideal custom cable assembly solution to meet the needs of the facility. Taking an item “off the shelf” for use in a medical facility doesn’t usually do the trick. Moreover, thought must be given to any possible changes or updates/upgrades that may take place in the future so as to enable said installation to be done now as a proactive (and cost-saving) measure.
Besides meticulous planning, there is a need for medical office builders to pay close attention to compliance with industry standards, certifications, and licensing. All materials coming into a medical facility construction project must meet all required standards & practices of the industry they serve. This would include ISO 13485 certification.
Perhaps the trickiest part of knowing how to plan for custom cable assemblies in a medical environment is knowing how to build them to work around certain environmental factors unique to the medical field. Medical offices & facilities as a whole can have wide swings in temperatures moisture content in the air. These atmospheric changes can cause poorly manufactured materials to break down. Proper care needs to be given to know how best to address a medical environment including a need for overmolded cable assemblies.
Though you may not notice it when you’re in a clinic or hospital, there are actually a number of cleverly-designed corridors and pathways specific for custom cable assemblies and other hardware to be tucked away. Sometimes the footprint of the facility is small, so the space must be used efficiently, and this is where well-thought cable assemblies earn their keep. Not only are well-designed custom cable assemblies able to use space efficiently, but they can also perform multiple functions, thereby reducing the need for more cables & wire in the construction.
The best advice for any medical office builder is to work with an established, well-respected, and highly-touted custom cable assemblies manufacturer capable of helping with all parts of the construction process. Their insight can be significant in design, pre-production analysis, prototyping, cost-reduction development, and delivery of the final product.
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