To say that custom cable manufacturing has evolved over the years isn’t breaking new ground. But in order to fully appreciate this evolution, it’s important to get historical context.

A New Way of Life

The first real consequential change came as a result of the world moving from a mostly rural & agriculturally-based economy to one that was highly industrial & relied on mechanical might. This one change in our day-to-day operation brought into the fray some of the most important changes to the world as a whole. While the technology being used was rudimentary, it housed a level of sophistication & engineering brilliance that had never been seen.


Industrial machinery moved from being steam-operated to using one of mankind’s most important innovations — the advent of electricity. Not only did machines move in ways no one had seen, but they required efficient movement of electrical current to work their best. Given that electricity was essentially new, pushing its boundaries made for dangerous work environments. The need for safer electric components spurred on further innovation over time.

Phones & Cars (and car phones)

How we communicate with each other made for some of custom cable manufacturing’s biggest jumps in terms of change. The development of the telephone was a massive step up from the telegraph, a system whole-heartedly rooted in quality cabling. But phones were another beast altogether. Also as dramatic a shift forward in human interaction was the development of the automobile. Though the combustion engine took the bulk of attention & appreciation, later iterations of the car required robust electrical systems.

Staying Connected & Solutions for the Future

As one looks at the modern world, it’s almost impossible to consider daily life not including things like the internet, high-speed computing, and telecommunication tools operating at the speed of light. These innovations rely on custom cable manufacturing to be operating at an optimal level with no room for error. This thin margin of error has continued to push the boundaries of engineering & fueled the creative minds who help mold the way our world works.

A Manufacturing Partner You Can Trust

The future of custom cable manufacturing looks bright & based on its history, shows no signs of slowing down. As such, it will be imperative for any company looking to stay on the cutting edge to work with the right manufacturer of these goods. The ideal manufacturing partner is proactive in their approach, looking to make their customers ready for changes that may come down the line. This thinking ahead is important as it helps reduce costs related to retrofitting & other upgrades to infrastructure. It also means that you can serve your customer with an eye firmly rooted in progress.
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