The Basics of Mast Cable Assemblies

For communications project that requires a custom cable option, it is important to choose the right mast cable assembly. Factors to consider include the specs of your project, the environmental demands that will be placed on the assembly, and the overall objectives your customer is trying to accomplish.

For instance, a custom personal computer requires an altogether different material than does a major military communications installation. In one case, flexibility and space are the primary decision drivers. In the other, the elements to evaluate are cable’s ability to withstand weather or assaults from other pieces of equipment, like armored vehicles.

Fortunately, when you select a qualified mast cable assembly vendor to meet your needs, you’ll have several options from which to choose:

Field Deployable Assemblies

Known for its quick erecting ability, this mast cable assembly is an excellent solution to a wide range of temporary, extendable, fixed or permanent installations. This option provides outstanding broadband performance, and the durability to withstand repeated coiling and flexing. These assembly constructions are available in an array of conducting and insulating materials to handle diverse temperatures and environments. Therefore it’s ideal for communicating anything from battleground data to information about an approaching storm front.

Basic Communications Assemblies

The basic assembly can enhance broadband performance by putting it to work in many of your completed assemblies. This cable is designed to provide low loss as well as stand up to flexing and coiling. Typically, these assemblies are constructed from a copper coated aluminum inner conductor and copper braided outer shield with a polyurethane outer jacket that improves flexibility and weather resistance.

Armored Assemblies

Armored assemblies are used in spots across the globe, from combat zones in Afghanistan to a research facility in the North Pole. In extreme environments like these, you need equipment that can stand up to the water, humidity, abrasive elements, and crushing force. The best option may be an armored assembly, because it can deliver reliable performance even in the most severe conditions.

Test Assemblies

A qualified custom cable vendor that specializes in made-to-order work can offer a number of assembly products for customers who need cable solutions for the testing scenarios that common to many military and commercial customers. Are you looking for stable, rugged, and reliable performance? Do you require the extra stability needed for high frequency performance? These are some of the questions your vendor will likely ask you. There are many adapters you can rely on to get the job done, all designed to have a longer useful life to withstand those very demanding applications.

Specially Jacketed Wiring

Jacketed wiring is another option that allows you to choose from a range of materials and customize your cable’s insulation to get reliable electrical performance in any environment. Cabling in marine and aviation applications necessitate the use of low smoke and reduced toxicity cabling. Certain jacket materials have achieved the NBC (or Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) resistant rating that can stand up to fire, extreme temperatures, and low smoke environments. Additionally, these jackets can be incorporated into armored assemblies for added protection. As always, work with your aerospace applications engineer to find the best jacket solution for your next design.

Custom Assemblies

No matter what your customer’s needs are, LoDan provides the ability to mass produce pre-tested and custom engineered wire harness assemblies. We offer a broadly diverse range of wiring options, which means we can help shape your design and build harnesses at more efficiently, with lower costs to you and improved end results.

This is just a sample of the wire and cabling options available to you. For more information or to consult with a wiring assembly expert on your design, contact LoDan Electronics today at 847-398-5311.