Mast Cable Assemblies in Action

The type of equipment used in outdoor and many industrial applications requires a certain degree of fortitude that indoor cables simply cannot provide. Whether you are laying a ground mobile communication system, or need to transmit information or electrical signals through an outdoor environment, mast cable assemblies are the perfect tools. These rugged and flexible assemblies are able to withstand severe crushing, over bending and even extreme temperatures.

A traditional flex-cable is simply not suitable in an environment where it will be stepped on or run over, often by heavy machinery. Here are a few ways a more rugged cable assembly will stand up to the use and abuse of a construction site, mining operation, or in military applications.

Protection from Crushing and Bending

A mast type cable assembly is a ruggedized internally wire wound cable that can withstand crushing force as well as prevent damage due to over bending. In order to increase the cable’s ability to withstand both the force of crushing and protect the transmission of concentrated loads applied to the cable, manufacturers helically wrap a stainless steel spring over the braided insulation, but under the outer jacket of the wire.

Not only does this provide compressive strength to prevent crushing, but it also prevents the cable from bending further than the minimum bend radius. This feature prevents any loss of transmission signal or kinking while installing the cable, and can even avoid damage from overly tight zip-ties while in storage. This has been shown to reduce any phase changes even after hundreds of unspoolings, installations, and respoolings. This feature is a must-have for any job site requiring a cable that will be repeatedly run over by vehicles.

Protection from the Elements

Another important requirement for any cable used in industrial and outdoor applications is its ability to withstand wide swings in temperature and moisture, as well as the corrosive UV light emitted by the sun. To withstand extreme heat and cold, many mast cables have an insulated center conductor and elastomeric jackets that resist the ultraviolet rays of the sun. These cables are rated and have been used in climates ranging from -131 degrees to 257 degrees Fahrenheit, well outside the natural temperatures occurring here on Earth. Finally, the cable is completely sealed to protect the inner conductor from water, dirt, and mud.

Various Sizes and Connector Compatibilities

With any assembly, it is critical that the cable be compatible with the connector. Mast cables come in several varieties of sizes ranging from 0.25 inches to 1.4 inches in diameter to fulfill any requirements for frequency, loss, and power handling. Regardless of the size of cable your situation calls for, there are a variety of connectors to suit your needs.

In short, a mast cable assembly has the ruggedness to outlast most of your industrial equipment. With complete protection from crushing, over bending, the elements, and even the hazards of years of storage, this cable is the last you will ever need.

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