As the world transitions to technologies better suited for tough environments, longer lifespans, and a reduced risk for failure, inventions that once revolutionized the world are being seen as the distant past. For example, the light bulb has steadily proven itself to be a beacon of wonder and an age of enlightenment (all puns intended). Now, LED assemblies have started taking the place of bulbs in every application imaginable, especially in industrial, mechanical, and manufacturing environments.
Certainly, there’s no denying that one cannot stand in the way of progress. LED assemblies are here to stay and have been in the fray for at least two decades. Their construction, attention to detail, and functionality have grown almost exponentially in that time, making a transition to them an almost non-contested matter. But for the person or team in charge of their purchasing, knowing how best to go about order LED assemblies may not be as straightforward as one might imagine.
After all, the majority of interactions most people have with LEDs and LED assemblies is through everyday items like consumer electronics. Others may be hobbyists with some basic soldering skills looking to phase out an old bulb for a better, more accessible LED assembly. And still others are looking to LED technology for incorporating into revolutionary agricultural practices aimed at reducing the environmental impacts that can come with standard planting and harvesting techniques.
This is all to say that purchasers may be a bit in the dark when trying to begin the process of ordering LED assemblies. It is up to the entire team to help out in providing details that can help make the process easier. Furthermore, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example:

  • keep the desired color of the LED(s) in mind as customizing color is always possible, as can ways to manipulate color
  • lumens are the vital detail when it comes to the amount of brightness that will be emitted by the bulb, as opposed to the older (and technically incorrect way) way regarding wattage

  • establishing a budget from the start will allow the entire team to keep the project and purchasing related to it in perspective without diluting the quality of the materials to be ordered

  • knowing the application of the LED assembly(ies) makes it easier to know how best to handle ordering based on necessary system efficiency, amount of output, and how assemblies compete to create lower pricing

  • understanding current & future needs of a facility, as well as prospective personnel, will make it easier to plan for future upgrades now rather than being surprised by it later

  • changes in an industry can come via new legislation and/or new administrations, all of which can change standards that must be met rather quickly
    There is a lot to keep up with regarding LED assemblies other than just what color the light is on a final product. Even these queries only scratch the surface. If you are a purchaser and find yourself a bit lost, it behooves you to work with a manufacturer with experience in all manner of electromechanical assemblies, including wire, cable, and LED assemblies. LoDan Electronics, Inc. in Illinois has been consistently serving the world’s most demanding clients since 1967 for a reason — quality.
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