Industries dependent on electronic components are continually assessing the most minute parts of their machinery & equipment. While the majority of these items can be lost in a sea of greys and silvers, one item stands out for both its physical shape and sometimes colorful appearance — ribbon cables.
Also referred to as flat or planar cables (for obvious reasons), ribbon cables have a characteristic look to them that make them ideal for applications that, from an engineering standpoint, need to accomplish a lot in as little space as possible. Understanding the space and the overall application said ribbon cable will be used for is the first step in knowing how best to find the right cables for a project. If space is limited but there is a need to have a number of connections taking place simultaneously, ribbon cables can be an ideal solution.
Knowing the physical space ribbon cables will occupy, as well as what will be expected of them in term of functionality, will be key in knowing how best to proceed with their construction. Two key elements stand out: pitch and the number of conductors, also called ‘ways’. Pitch refers to the center to center spacing of conductors. There are standardized scales for each of these components when manufacturing ribbon cables. However, customization can tae place as necessary based on the needs of the client.
Perhaps the other most notable part of ribbon cables that bears noting is the connector type. As would be expected, a different connector will come into play for different applications. Not only is the application of consequence, but so are logistical challenges and adverse environmental conditions (e.g., extreme heat and cold, dust).
As industries become more adept at fine-tuning their operations, their machinery and equipment also becomes much more advanced. These changes demand a level of complexity from components never seen before. Ribbon cables, as simple as they are in appearance, are responsible for an incredible amount of work. Yet, industries pushing the edge of innovation are constantly taking specifications to another level, the likes of which need to be met and/or exceeded by their cable manufacturing partner.
This is where LoDan Electronics, Inc. of Illinois steps into the fray. We have been at the forefront of interconnect solutions, like ribbon cables, since 1967. From aerospace to the military & a slew of civilian industries in between, we have been the go-to name for evaluating, designing, and engineering some of the world’s most complex electronic components. We’re proud to serve as the manufacturing partner of choice for so many companies & look forward to helping you. Contact our team today and let us show you the LoDan difference.