Walk into any restaurant, and one of the first things you will notice is how different it is compared to another establishment (restaurant chains excluded, of course). So, it should stand to reason that when it comes to custom power assemblies will differ between establishments as well. After all, they are custom for a reason. But therein lies a particular curious detail regarding power assemblies as found in restaurants.
These establishments all essentially perform the same function in terms of food prep and service, plus they have to meet the same safety requirements per city, state, and federal codes. Why would there be a deviation between restaurants in terms of the type and functionality of power assembly upon which they rely?
In short, it is because power matters on an individual basis. Food preparation is unique. The amount of refrigeration being used at one time is different. The number of appliances being run simultaneously varies wildly, and this only factors in the kitchen area. Take into consideration variations in occupancy at any given time (patrons or staff), as well as the need to run heating or cooling for people’s comfort & safety, and it becomes quite clear that efficiency in power is vital in the restaurant business.
Custom power assemblies in the restaurant world are cable systems that are, in essence, in need of taking on an industrial grade construction. The environments in which these power assemblies will find themselves will often be harsh and unforgiving. Furthermore, because of the go-go nature of the business, restauranteurs cannot afford any downtime. Recent statistics show that more people are choosing to eat out on a regular basis regardless of financial worries in the news. Having a power assembly fail and bringing business to a halt is simply not an option.
Power assemblies can be customized in a number of ways. Assembly and connector types, as well as length, are some of the more functionally critical ways. However, many clients opt to color code their cable systems for practical purposes. Should a problem arise and a repair/replacement/upgrade need to take place, a repairperson can easily identify what cable system needs to be addressed, reducing any downtime and impact on business.
In the end, it all comes down to the manufacturing partner put in charge of producing the custom power assemblies. Their role is critical in ensuring the smooth operation of any industry behind the scenes. Through a combination of experience, use of technology and state-of-the-art processes, and a dedication to unrivaled customer service, the right custom power assemblies manufacturer can deliver on multiple fronts.
LoDan Electronics, Inc. of Illinois has been serving numerous clients across a litany of industries for nearly six decades. Their custom power assemblies are known both domestically and internationally for their excellent performance, build quality, as well as design & engineering. Call us today & let our team help craft the perfect custom power assemblies for your next project.