The world of custom cable manufacturing offers many benefits over traditional manufacturers of wiring and electronics. One myth is that customizing is automatically going to mean a higher bottom-line price. The reason why it doesn’t is simply the fact that these custom manufacturers specialize in custom orders, rather than doing them on the side of a regular manufacturing output, which may not be sustainable. Here are five reasons that a custom cable manufacturer might be the better choice for you:


1) Quality-Tested: Custom cable manufacturers have an impetus to quality test their product. Since they offer such a wide range of capabilities, materials, and products, the level of dedication to a quality product leads them to offer rigorous testing of their products for the client’s satisfaction. Delivering high-quality, reliable products is in the custom cable manufacturer’s best interests, since their product stands out in the world of the cable industry. The spotlight on their products encourages quality that goes above and beyond.


2) Affordable: Savings for the custom cable manufacturer translate into savings for the customer. Since by nature a custom product can require more attention to detail, many standard cable manufacturers will not or cannot offer custom products. The custom manufacturer on the other hand deals specifically in this niche, and therefore is more aptly equipped to process these custom orders in a fast, efficient and affordable way.


3) Use of Outsourcing: Part of what makes the custom cable more affordable when produced by a custom cable specific manufacturer is that they are pioneers and captains of outsourcing their work, while maintaining quality. Those savings trickle down the line directly to the customer, without sacrificing the integrity and quality of the product. A company that is only beginning to take advantage of the prospect of outsourcing may run the risk of making mistakes and losing quality control, however, LoDan has perfected the art of outsourcing so that high quality custom cables can be produced in a timely manner, with a significantly lower bottom line than other manufacturers. This also means that their inventory response will be much faster and efficient.


4) Versatile: The word “custom” immediately brings to mind the world of endless product varieties and configuration possibilities. The mission of the custom cable manufacturer is to meet any and all requirements that you might demand of your wiring and cabling necessities. With technological advances in materials to construct with, there are more options to make sure that the end product will meet every specific performance requirement. Again, this is where quality tests are a great added benefit.


5) Customer Service: One of the most important things a custom cable manufacturer can offer is great customer service. If it’s important to you to have a manufacturer that is available, flexible, and sees the products from the client’s perspective, that’s an indicator that a custom cable manufacturer is for you. LoDan has a standing commitment to “Total Customer Satisfaction”, and has had an emphasis to building long-term relationships with their clients. Lodan’s long list of satisfied customers around the world is a testament to that commitment.