As times have changed, so, too have the conversations dealing with manufacturing. Not only are major players in manufacturing discussing streamlined processes and efficiency, but they are certainly being more open about what it goes into contracting for wire harness in Mexico.
Over the years, Mexico has proven itself to be an incredibly reliable manufacturing partner with many U.S. companies, which has allayed customer worries about the quality of the product they receive from south of the border. Wire harnesses play such a pivotal role in nearly every industry, but not every industry is the same. This particular characteristic deems wire harnesses a fairly customized product, and any level of customization warrants serious questions.
Before contracting for wire harness in Mexico, it is important for your company to ask itself a few questions:
What kind of track record does Mexico have in manufacturing with the U.S.? They’re only second to Canada in energy trade with the U.S., have established regional distinctions within the country based on product manufacturing over the last two decades, and unlike other Latin American countries, Mexico has seen a large rise in their manufacturing sector since 1980.
Is there a parent company that is stateside? It’s important that if a company works with a manufacturer in Mexico, then said manufacturer’s parent company be based in the U.S.. This helps ensure that the builds have been done under the same guidelines & compliance regulations required in the U.S.. Considering the billions of dollars that U.S. companies have invested into the development of Mexico’s manufacturing sectors, this usually isn’t too big an obstacle.
How are my concerns over specifications to be eased? Perhaps the biggest worry companies have with working with a manufacturer in Mexico is that the specs they’ve outlined will be misunderstood. Usually, this worry stems from a possible language barrier that could exist. The good news is that these types of barriers are mostly in the past, with English and Spanish being used without issue.
Does the proximity to the US have an advantage for manufacturing in Mexico? Transportation costs of materials are generally be lower than if the same materials traveled from the Far East. Manufacturers that establish facilities in Mexico do so because there is greater proximity to customers. Two of Mexico’s most prominent regions in this endeavor are the Border Region & Central Mexico (“el bajio”). This actually leads to a quicker turnaround of materials being delivered on-time or even ahead of schedule.
Why is Mexico preferable to other overseas choices? In general, the work environment for employees in Mexico is better than in other countries. The laws are stricter regarding child labor and worker conditions. Mexico universities also train many engineers, more than most other countries. Perhaps the biggest plus for manufacturing in Mexico is it tends to pose less of an intellectual property risk than do other areas of the world.
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