Customized Harness and Cable Assemblies For Your Supply Chain Management

In Michael Gerber’s book, The E-Myth, he states that successful business owners are those who are able to systemize processes within their business and effectively outsource those processes to specialists in order to save time and money, and ensure quality. For businesses providing any type of electromechanical good to consumers, outsourcing your wire harness production to a company that specializes in custom assemblies can free up your time to focus on more important endeavors. With many companies now offering just in time inventory delivery, many business owners are able to reduce manufacturing and inventory costs. This is a guide to integrating your business with a wire assembly provider so you can focus your time on driving sales.

Step 1: Assessment

Initially when you partner with a third-party manufacturer, they will assess your current product specifications, manufacturing processes, and inventory control methods. During this investigative stage, it is best to be completely open about all of your business processes. Vocalizing the issues your business is facing, as well as explaining your current process presents a great opportunity for you to learn more about your business, and with the help of a qualified assemblies provider, see the business from a new perspective. Respond honestly to any of the questions your potential supplier might have, and feel free to express each and every concern you may have, so that the supplier can address it.

Step 2: Engineering and Design

In the next step, the best wire harness engineers will exploit every opportunity to provide more value for your business. If this is an existing product, they may be able to redesign the wiring to provide harnesses at a lower cost than what you may have previously paid. The engineer will take into consideration every constraint, whether it be logistics, inventory, storage, performance, or any other factor to provide you with supply that seamlessly integrates with your current production lines.

Step 3: Execute

In the execution phase, your supplier will start production of your assemblies and other wire or cabling parts, and work to adjust inventory levels in a way that is most profitable and effective for you. At this point, it is a good idea to stay in close contact with your supplier as you work out any kinks as they come up. Be realistic in your expectations for the first few months until your supplier has had a chance to acclimate to properly serve your needs.

Step 4: Active Monitoring

As your partnership progresses, the best suppliers will keep in touch and provide regular updates on production and inventory performance. As you continue to work together, you and your supplier will likely find new ways to streamline your business or new opportunities to exploit to reduce costs or increase revenue. Depending on your needs, your supplier may even provide you with a dedicated technician or account manager who oversees the implementation of the outsourced parts and materials. This person will not only troubleshoot any issues that arise, but will also serve as your primary point of contact to resolve any problems.

This is just a snapshot of what you can likely expect when you partner with a cable harness supplier. To see how you can implement a third party supplier into your supply chain, contact LoDan Electronics today.