For anyone who manufactures or manages complex cabling projects knows how difficult it can be to make sure you have the right materials, when you need them. If you run a small electronics products business, you know how difficult it can be to manage logistics on top of production operations and sales. Why not outsource the headaches to a professional custom cable manufacturing facility, whose sole business is to create wiring solutions and deliver them to your production floor just in time.

A custom cable producer can take advantage of multiple suppliers and materials to design the perfect solution for your product or project. Furthermore, when you receive your shipment of inventory, they can immediately be implemented into production. All custom cables arrive at your plant, ready to be put to use. The best cabling providers will customize both the wire solution for your project, and the solution’s delivery to minimize your inventory costs and keep your production line running smoothly. Here are some of the primary advantages to working with a custom wire manufacturer.

1. Custom Labeling – One of the major benefits of working with a qualified wiring provider is the ease with which their products can be identified and put to use. The best manufacturers provide custom labeling to help your staff identify the product’s location within the project, its application, and often, the particular types of technology used.

2. Project Specific Documentation – With complete technical drawings and instructions, your staff will have no problem understanding how to install your wiring solutions and test them for product and installation quality to support your customer’s specific requirements.

3. Staging and Prep Services – You can order raw materials by the piece, or have them ‘staged’ ahead of time. Your ordered equipment will be organized into a fully-functional, previously tested kit for maximum ease of installation.

4. Custom Packaging – Your cabling products will be packaged in a way that supports your unique requirements regarding shipping and storage, use in application, and quantity per shipment. This helps shorten the time between the order placement and delivery of goods, and in turn reduces costs.

Furthermore, accuracy will be increased since all components will be staged, labeled, and shipped as a single kit that is ready to implement and use. This eliminates the need to order goods from multiple suppliers, wait as each shipment is delivered, and finally organize components into a production ready kit.

5. Custom Delivery by Site or Quantity – Furthermore, there is no limit to the size of your order, or where it will be delivered. For customers with multiple facilities this is a huge advantage as it reduces the cost of processing and distributing bulk orders of goods in-house. Since wiring solutions are custom packaged in read-to-install kits, this also cuts down on theft. Most modern suppliers are capable of shipping goods domestically or to international customers.

6. Custom Inventory Management – Finally, the best custom cable manufacturers allow their customers to place orders through a seamless web portal, where they can also check the status of current orders, or schedule automatic re-orders when inventory drops below your operating cushion.

Now that you know the benefits of outsourcing your custom cable manufacturing. For more information about how to outsource your cabling operations to reduce costs and improve efficiency, call LoDan Electronics today!