It is important to get a particular truth out there when it comes to d-sub connectors — they are outdated technology that is slowly being relegated to the past. Newer connection methods such as HDMI have become more widely used. But as with most older technology in certain applications, d-sub connectors have not been made fully obsolete. In fact, they are the ideal connection choice for quite a number of items.
Older machinery that is still fully operational may not be able to support newer connectivity technology. Rather than replace all machinery & equipment so that it could utilize a newer type of connection/communication (e.g., ethernet), it makes more sense to keep using the same d-sub connectors.
As simple as the d-sub connector is (nothing more than a basic I/O connector), there is actually quite a bit of complexity that comes with its construction and customization based around the application for which it will be used. What’s more, considering the forwardness of calling this type of technology outdated, the wealth of information available about it, including readily available materials means one thing — d-sub connectors are going nowhere.
And with good reason. Here are just some of the ways d-sub connectors find themselves a viable part of today’s complex tech landscape:

  • Robotics
  • VGA connectors in Gaming
  • Connecting Computers to Printers & Power Supply Units
  • Security for Military Applications — using jack screws, spring latch systems, or slide locks
  • Data Tranmission
  • Aerospace — lower residual magnetism & using special polymers to avoid outgassing)
  • Telecommunications
    It is also important to remember that the rise of, and reliance on, wireless technology has changed the world dramatically. The idea of maintaining any kind of attachment to physical interconnect solution like a d-sub connector in the face of wireless tech seems a little silly. However, keep in mind that even the most powerful wireless system relies on a hardwired system that often has d-sub connectors making it all come together.
    Industrial innovation and the rate of change do not often cross paths as often as some might like. Many industries and the facilities, machinery & other physical items they depend on can sometimes be decades old but run just fine. As such, the right interconnect solution partner is crucial to making sure that all cabling with d-sub connectors (among others) meets the needs of these industries with one caveat — an eye toward the future.
    Our team here at LoDan Electronics, Inc. in Illinois can evaluate an industry’s current technological needs, meet them, but help companies formulate a plan for updating & replacing outdated elements of their systems without disrupting their operations. Let us show you why we have become a go-to tech partner for so many industries for nearly six decades. Touch base with us today.