5 Ways Custom Cable Assemblies Are Used In The Military

The military and defense organization in the United States is a large structure that requires the use of custom cable assemblies in nearly every facet of its operation. To keep soldiers empowered and able to efficiently do their job, bases across the country and in different parts of the world utilize cable assemblies to keep power and equipment running and in the best shape possible. While there are many different ways in which the military employs these cable structures, here are five of the most common cable uses:

1. Remote Weapons

Warfare has significantly evolved in the last century. From the days of marching in cadence on the battlefield and fighting hand-to-hand with swords, a lot of today’s battle scenes often look quite different than just 50 years ago. In modern warfare, a lot of weapons are controlled remotely. For instance, drones have no pilots physically present within the machine: instead, a pilot controls the aircraft from within a remote building. Custom cable assemblies play a big role in making this safer tactic a reality.

2. Ground Equipment

Wherever the military travels, they must bring their ground equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, armored vehicles, living quarters, and weapons. A cable assembly is a wire or cable insulated by a jacket for protection against the environment in order to enable communications between different applications. Custom cables are uniquely designed for a specific purpose.

When assembling the ground equipment, it is important that cable assemblies are adapted to the environment. For example, a base or post located in Minnesota, where the weather can be quite cold will require different cable insulators than a base manufactured in the Middle East, where sand and harsh desert climates exist. Customized cable assemblies can allow for modifications.

3. Communication Systems

When a soldier finds himself overseas, communication systems are particularly important. These can include those computers and modems that allow for communication back home with loved ones, as well as radios and other high frequency networks that provide for communication within the teams. All communication systems require cable assemblies.

4. Power Sources

Electricity sources are not always available for every location in which a soldier finds himself. Many overseas locations can be primitive and require basic engineering. From AC units to electrical outlets and generators, cable assemblies play an important role in establishing and maintaining fundamental operations.

5. Hospitals

The military provides healthcare for its employees and their families. From hospitals located locally to overseas medical facilities, the military is responsible for maintaining healthcare facilities. Custom cable assemblies are found throughout medical amenities and must be customized to suit the environment in which they are housed.

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