Custom signal assemblies are not limited to only certain industries. As technology has evolved and greater functionality & versatility has been demanded from clients, everyday objects in a variety of industries across an array of fields utilize custom signal assemblies. As the name would suggest, customization plays a very large part of how the best signal assemblies integrate into day-to-day activities.
It is surprising to most people to think of ‘day-to-day’ when taking into consideration certain uses for custom signal assemblies. Much of this is because of the scope of the industries themselves. For example:


  • lighting used in the automotive industry
  • warning lighting critical in commercial/industrial settings
  • aviation obstruction lighting
  • military illumination to aid air, land, and sea communication
  • medical device illumination & charging systems
    The presence of custom signal assemblies has steadily become an integral part of what makes these particular environments safer. Environments in these facilities can sometimes be quite noisy. Communication between team members becomes difficult, as well as dangerous by default. Custom signal assemblies can be built to requisite specifications, either those of those the client and/or per regulatory body. Such specific operating cues provided by the assemblies can then be clearly relayed, especially helpful to industries where levels of imminent danger are quite high.

    Custom signal assembly consideration must also include conversations about overall efficiency of the facility. This means thinking about optimization now, as well as further down the road. Technology is always changing, though it is clear that not all changes directly impact all industries. If a company’s current signal assembly solution is serving them well, it is worth weighing the pros & cons of retrofitting, replacing, or leaving current components alone. Each has its own costs to be considered, but knowing how each plays out in the face of technological changes is the tough call.

    Discussions about new technology should also include the possible integration of automated systems. They will likely require an updated physical framework. Some proactive preparation for these changes might be highly beneficial so as to avoid interruptions to productivity and to avoid paying more later.

However, custom signal assemblies, as well as any other electrical components, are nothing without the right manufacturer and supplier behind them. This is where a company like LoDan Electronics, Inc. in Chicago comes into the mix. Our company has been an electronic component & interconnect solution mainstay for nearly sixty years. Quality and a job well-done are top priorities for us. Plus, scores of clients across a number of industries around the world trust us to keep their operations on the cutting edge. More importantly, they trust us to keep their clients and employees safe. That’s a responsibility we here at LoDan Electronics, Inc. take to heart.
    Find out more about our custom signal assemblies, as well as our other products and capabilities, today.