For any communications and broadcasting application, having the right mast cable assemblies and other equipment to suit the requirements of your application, as well as any environmental demands that may be placed on it. For instance, a customized personal computer or radio broadcast can probably make do with standard weight cable, whereas the type of mast cable fixture required for military applications will likely be much more rugged and durable.

In one application, space and flexibility come at a premium, in the other ruggedness and resistance to environmental conditions are the primary concerns. When selecting amongst various mast cable assembly options, you luckily have tons of options at your disposal.

Field Deployable Assembly

One type of mast assembly that is popular for news broadcast services, are the quick-erecting field-deployable mast assemblies. Even within this category there are a wide range of options from temporary and fixed masts, and both extendable and permanent solutions. The cable required for this application must deliver superior signal quality and fidelity, but must also withstand repeated flexing and coiling. Additionally, this type of cable must be able to withstand rain, extreme cold or heat, and other environmental concerns.

Basic Comms Assembly

Any application that requires timely and accurately communication, whether via phone or Internet connection, requires communications cable that delivers optimized broadband service, and is rugged enough for some outdoor installation. Usually these will be constructed from a copper and aluminum inner conductor with a polyurethane jacket for resistance to the weather, yet with no loss of flexibility.

Armored Mast Assembly

It cannot be denied that some applications simply call for a different caliber of cable assembly. For instance, whether you are establishing communication infrastructure in a war zone in the Middle East, or setting up a research outpost at the South Pole, the cable assembly you use must be able to withstand every element imaginable. From rain and standing water, to humidity, to abrasive elements such as sand, and even the compressive force of being driven over by a vehicle. An armored assembly is the pinnacle of ruggedness and durability for just these applications.

Test Assembly

Finally, there are a range of cable assemblies used for testing various electrical components and scenarios. If you need benchmark-grade reliability, stability, and fidelity from your cable and wire, test assemblies are what you need. These assemblies are designed for a longer working life and to withstand repeated installations.

Custom Jacketed Wiring

Finally, nearly every cable assembly can be completely customized across a variety of different options. For instance, you can customize the materials used in your cabling to achieve more accurate or reliable electrical performance, or simply to protect the wire and signal against rugged environmental conditions. Still others are constructed of materials resistant to even nuclear and chemical agents. When working with a cabling provider, your account manager will work with you to design the perfect solution for your next project.

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