When it comes to cables, wire, and wire harnesses, there are a dizzying variety of sizes, colors, and functions to choose from. The varieties are endless, and the task of narrowing down to just one type for one specific purpose or piece of machinery can be a mountain of a task, and easily confusing for many. But what if it were possible to have a cable custom made to fit any and all of your list of requirements? Well, there are in fact companies that do exactly that, and custom cable manufacturing is a fast-growing industry for those who don’t want to waste time choosing from many when they can get the one they need fast and easily. Here are 5 reasons to look into custom cable manufacturing:

1) Time-saving – Obviously, your time is important, far more important than wrestling with wires and cables that turn out to not be the ones you need. Whether it turns out to be the case that your cables are to short, too long, not the right connector end, not resistant enough to environmental hazards; no matter what you’re looking for, the custom option is sure to save you time. Saving time = saving money. Get it done right the first time!

2) Higher Performance – When you have a cable custom made, you know it’s going to be of the highest caliber, with higher performance capabilities than other regular store-bought, or bulk-ordered wires and cables. Trust the professionals; go with something with higher quality and a longer-lasting life span. You’ll save yourself money on unnecessary future purchases, which when you get down to dollars and cents results in money sent down the drain.

3) Applications and Varieties – The number of applications for custom-made wiring and cables is far from limited. If you think that custom cables are for specific industries but won’t apply to yours, think again. There is no end to the varieties of custom cables, and their uses or applications. From the sleeving materials, lengths, capabilities, down to the metal used in the actual wiring, there are a huge number of varieties to create and choose from. And chances are you have more uses for custom-made cables than you think.

4) Fast – While you may enjoy the almost instantaneous benefit of buying you cable and wiring from the store, or bulk ordering cables, the struggle and hassle of dealing with wrong or faulty cables afterword is not worth it, especially when turnaround times for custom cable manufacturing are shorter than you might assume. Custom cables are guaranteed to be what you need, no muss, no fuss, and no long wait times.

5) Added Services – Most custom cable manufacturing companies offer additional services that you may not otherwise be exposed to. These include jacketing, insulating, striping, cabling, laser marking and many more. Customer service is the number one goal, which is more than can be said about retail buying of you wire and cable needs. Custom cable manufacturing can be a huge saving factor of time and money, and lessen the stress level involved with your wire and cable needs.

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