Budget concerns are always top of mind for a purchasing agent. The overall budget of a project is subject to intense scrutiny, but few places offer more areas where price can be prohibitive than wire harness expenditures. In many respects, these lowly items become vital as they have multiple functions. This, in turn, can make their design, production, and delivery expensive.
Wire harnesses are basically a collection of wires into one unit that helps keep electrical systems organized. They also allow for the efficient movement of electrical power from one point to the next. Greater efficiency allows pertinent data & other industry-specific information to be conveyed with less interference, thereby helping businesses run better. Given the continued automation & dependence on technology in just about every industry, it’s no surprise that a top-quality wire harness proves its worth day after day.
But top-quality can carry a hefty price-tag..or does it?
It’s a matter of perspective for every company. Some feel that an off-the-shelf item can provide an easy, and cheap, fix for a time. Others feel that enough has been done prior to the revelation of the wire harness & opting to operate as such won’t be problematic. Still, other companies feel that in order to be at the top of their game, they need their physical infrastructure to measure up. This means an initial investment but one that will pay-off over time.
Here are just a few of the factors that can impact the cost of a wire harness project:
Materials Used: As you’d imagine, this has to do with they type of wire used, as well as the conductors, connectors, and all other parts of a basic wire harness.
Application/Industry/Specialty Parts: Not only does the type of material used become important regarding price, but so does how the wire harness will be used & if there is a need to customize any part of it.
Replacement/Upgrading: Not every wire harness is created the same, and opting for an inexpensive option may mean repeated purchases over time, doing away with initial savings.
Either way you look at it, creating, and maintaining, a solid budget will be imperative to keeping the entire project on the right financial track.
A wire harness is a simple item in concept that can become quite complex based on what is required by a customer in terms of form & function. As such, the manufacturer chosen to produce and deliver materials will need to meet customer needs both now and in the future. This means having the infrastructure available to manufacturer state-of-the-art wire harnesses with materials that both provide the functionality needed by the customer today & can adapt well to changes in technology down the line. Ultimately, this means working with an experienced manufacturing partner with a proven track record.  
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